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Glen Strathallen


Distance From Shore: 4NM

Location: 50.18.922N 004.07.529W

Depth: 16mm


She was built in 1928 by Cochrance and Sons. She was designed to be 690 tons displacement and 150 feet long by 24 feet beam, have a speed of ten knots. Before she was completed the firm that had ordered her went bankrupt. The millionaire Colby Cubbin bought the unfinished vessel and converted her into a pleasure yacht.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the Glen Strathallen was lent to the Royal Navy and refitted as an escort vessel. When the War was over the ship was returned to Cubbin which he used it extensively for private cruises. When Cubbin unexpectedly died his will stipulated that the vessel be used for training but if no purpose could be found for her she was to be sunk.

The Glen Strath Allen was used for many years an officer training ship for the Merchant Navy. Time, deterioration and economics conspired and she was sunk on 27 April 1970 200 yards from the Shagstone.

Diving the Glen Strathallen

The wreck is in 16m of water between some reef ledges. All that is left of her now is her boiler which is home to Conger, Bib, Wrasse and Pollack. Last summer we even spotted the largest Octopus that I have ever seen in U.K. waters! You can just about follow the outline of the hull by tracing the ribs and debris. Do not however let this put you off the dive. For novices and as a shakedown dive it is excellent. The visibility is usually very good, and currents present no problems.